What will you drink at your wedding? Will you have a themed cocktail or just a bar with lots of options? Or maybe a more specific bar with only mimosas or only sparkling wines? 

Here are some drink ideas:

Here's another idea for Wedding Themed Cocktails: Weddings normally mean one thing (besides, of course, two people professing their undying love to one another)- Money. Between the dress, the reception, the honeymoon, the dollars add up. One way couples are cutting back is to create one to two signature cocktails at their events.

Creating a signature drink, based on the preferences of the two newlyweds, can be a fun and unique way to save money and avoid a full bar. Generally, couples choose two to three drinks (a girly cocktail, a manly cocktail, and a non-alcoholic cocktail). In addition, they can offer a small selection of wine and beer.

Here are some ideas for wedding themed cocktails:

Lavender Lady

Absolut Kurant Vodka

Blueberry Syrup

Club Soda

Spicy Lady

Ginger Beer

Dark Rum

Orange rind

Newlywed Sangrias

Red Sangria: Red wine, apricot brandy, cinnamon sticks

White Sangria: White wine, peach schnapps, fresh mango

Check out the Cocktails Wiki for more ideas!

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