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Wedding dress does not have to be that fancy or glamorous; what matters is the person who wore the dress itself.  

Often confused with what kind of wedding dress to wear at the wedding? It is better to try to follow the advice of several designer Didi Budiardjo following.  

First, to design a wedding dress or a dress it is better to pay more attention to the shape of the body, not on her dress. Supposing, just be yourself, do not be too effected from magazines or photos on the internet that often make a person sometimes unrealistic yourself. Is body shape design allows for wearing what is not. Then, too realistic, weather or not in accordance with the budget.  

Second, wedding dress does not have to be that fancy or glamorous, but the important thing is the person who wore the dress itself. Do not get excited because her wedding dress looked, sounded immerses the wearer.  

Third, for the affairs of colors there are so many options. There are thousands of kinds of colors. For example, for white color, there is a variety of his tone, like the white kind of tone marble or white shell eggs.  

The consideration then is, adjust the skin color. For this, the designer can asks for advice, which is suitable for you. For example, want to wear a white tone which if his white Caucasian or oriental type? It will give you a different impression of the color white.  

Fourth, what if confused with fashion? Actually detail skirt and shirt tail bloom it alone was a typical wedding dress. Therefore, we encourage you to give greater attention to detail.  

It's important to have a reference wedding dress, weather it be from magazines or the internet to help give an idea of ​​the desired dress.