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Have a Star Trek wedding to show off your passion for Klingons, Vulcans, and more!

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Wedding Guide[]

Step 1[]

Purchase or make your own Star Trek attire for the bride and groom. The bride should wear a uniform dress. Design a veil and train using lace and sequins for a sparkling, celestial look. The groom should dress in a captain’s uniform or in a uniform that matches his profession. Have the groom wear a command uniform if he works in management, or a science uniform if he works in medicine or a scientific study.

Step 2[]

Make or buy Star Trek uniforms for the wedding party and officiate. The officiate should wear either an admiral’s uniform or a captain’s uniform. Consider having groomsmen and bridesmaids dress as Star Trek aliens such as Vulcans, Klingons or Orions. Dress the ring bearer and flower girl as ensigns.

Step 3[]

Create a music album with Star Trek theme songs suitable for a wedding. Use the theme from The Original Series as the wedding march. Present the newlyweds to the music from “Star Trek: Generations.” Have the first dance to the theme from Enterprise. Use music samples from the shows as the preceremony entertainment. Play some of Uhura‘s, Spock’s or even Picard’s greatest hits.

Step 4[]

Decorate the wedding cake as one of the many ships seen in Star Trek. Choose from the many incarnations of the Enterprise, Voyager, a Bird of Prey or Borg cube.

Step 5[]

Drink the ceremonial champagne from Klingon blood wine cups. Or, add blue food coloring to the champagne and serve it as Romulan Ale.

Step 6[]

Consider eloping to Las Vegas. Take advantage of the Star Trek themed weddings offered.