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One might be surprised that people choose The Hunger Games as a theme for a wedding; after all, it's so violent and disturbing. But hey, it's got a huge fan base, and some people have managed to create really cool wedding themes around the franchise.


The dress people choose for their Hunger Games wedding varies depending on the bride's personal taste. Some people choose simple designs (as I imagined Katniss would have chosen) but other people go for more outrageous dresses:


More important than the dress is the hair-- Katniss is known for her brown braid, so plenty of beautiful brunette brides think of ways to replicate her hairstyle. For nail polish, consider using the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection colors!


Many people choose arrows as a theme for the decor, given that Katniss is a skilled archer--some brides even have a bouquet of arrows! Mockingjay images are also solid ideas for a Hunger Games wedding. Some people choose to employ the bright colors of the Capitol.