Wedding decor is a potentially bottomless subject matter, the limitations that a couple places on what their wedding can look like are as varied as the tastes that anyone can think of. Every culture, every community across the global has different traditions that might dictate or suggest how a wedding should or might look, where it should be held (Church, Temple, etc.). While it would be impossible to list and describe any all decor, thankfuly the internet is replete with resources that can help inspire couple to create their own "look". 

Traditional Wedding Magazines

Most traditional wedding magazines now have an excellent site online that is easy to navigate and full of ideas and images, below are four of the most popular, although there are needless to say dozens and dozens out there.

Online Magazines & Blogs

If there are dozens of wedding magazines there are even more wedding and lifestyle blogs that range to every possible style anyone might ever consider, literally hundreds that can be easily found. Below are listed many well known and some less well known to provide a good sampling on site from which to start your search.

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