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Making your best man wedding toast funny is an essential part of being able to please and entertain everyone. The speech doesn't have to be funny; however funny best man toasts are a great crowd-pleaser – so long as they don’t offend anyone. Here are five basic tips that can help a best man quickly create a winning best man speech:

Tip 1:

It is important to include jokes suitable for all ages. Don’t be afraid to be a little on the edge, but don’t push it too far and start cracking up rude sex jokes or anything like that. Keep in mind that there are likely to be children and elderly in the audience, so keeping stuff conservative is best. This is a good rule for all wedding reception speeches regardless who delivers it.

Humor is a great tool to keep people’s interest and sustain their attention for a longer period of time. Just bear in mind that the younger children may not be able to appreciate all your jokes and thus find it pretty difficult to pay attention. For this, I recommend including reasonably funny jokes that everyone can appreciate.

Tip 2:

A very important point to mention is though you can get away with some funny best man jokes about the groom, bride jokes usually aren’t accepted well in best man wedding speeches. So I’d recommend that you stay away from making any cracks about the bride, even if you think it’s just light teasing.

Tip 3:

The best way to use humor in my experience is to interject your regular speech with a few good jokes. Say emotional things, then add a little humor to keep everyone relaxed and focused. Each time I’ve given best man wedding speeches, I was very nervous and emotional, so this also really helped me as well as the audience!

Tip 4:

Another great tip for funny best man wedding speeches I learned is to be informal and interact with the audience. This isn’t a lecture – it’s a toast! The best man should always feel like he is having a conversation with old friends. Make eye contact with the audience, and don’t fix your gaze in one direction constantly.

Tip 5:

Don't forget to practice your speech. I found that practicing with friends really helped me improve my confidence of delivering this speech before the big day. I would recommend that you practice it in front of friends at least a couple times then practice it while standing up in a large empty room while you practice looking in all directions as if you were making eye contact with everyone. It may sound silly, but this is what expert public speakers do and it can significantly improve your performance.

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